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OPTICS Workshop 

This workshop provides an eye opening exploration into the power and impact of implicit bias, ways to counteract those biases and the benefits of engaging with people of diverse cultures and experiences. Through dialogue and discovery we explore the mystery of how our biases are developed and learn techniques to outsmart them that foster equity and justice. Participants will also gain a greater capacity to implement and maintain culturally sensitive practices in the workplace and in public engagement.

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New LENS Seminar 

In this seminar, we examine systemic disparities, their forms and impact across institutions.  We will explore devastating outcomes that affect everyone. As a result, participants will develop a more enlightened perspective or LENS which will inform their understanding of institutional racism, attitudes, work and actions. 

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Zoom LENS  Workshop

This workshop is an immersive experience through which we examine American norms. We analyze common understandings of race and racism and offer a different perspective. We delve into the historical and institutional issues of bigotry and bias that have shaped our society.  Our goal is to awaken empathy and inspire participants to begin a journey of transformation.

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