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We deconstruct unexamined assumptions and equip people to mitigate biases and address inequities by examining truth and awakening empathy to activate courageous citizenship.


Through thought-provoking workshops and seminars, participants examine the origins of bias, bigotry, and the history of racism. We prescribe the use of our toolkit designed for follow-up small groups and accountability relationships to inspire a lifestyle of cross-cultural engagement and critical self-reflection. This becomes the framework to activate the journey of transformation in individuals and organizations willing to champion matters of racial equity and justice to create lasting change.

Suzanne Haley
Facilitator. Strategist. Coach.
Jacquelin (Jacky) McCoy
Educator. Advocate. Facilitator.

Suzanne Haley works to inspire soul-care and human solidarity through compassionate truth sharing, awakening empathy, and activating courageous citizenship. She is the Founder & CEO of S. Haley & Associates, and Co-founder of Changing the Lens, a community-building movement created to dismantle internalized and systemic racism. 


Suzanne participates with task forces, alliances, committees, and diverse collaborative efforts to inspire, educate, request, and demand both equity and justice. She also works with local, regional, national, and international organizations to inspire collective alliances for racial justice and healing through community building.  


A graduate of Morgan State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, she is a communicator, facilitator, storyteller, advocate, and activist. She brings multi-disciplinary research and empirical data to the complex realities of a broad range of clientele to facilitate strategic culture shifts which yield quantifiable results.  She uses the power of story, personal life experience, historic enlightenment, and humanitarian worldview to stimulate personal reflection and awaken empathy.


Suzanne hopes to inspire inside-out change that will bridge the gap of indifference and make a difference in the larger worlds of work, faith, community, and society.

Jacquelin (Jacky) McCoy is the co-founder of Changing the Lens, as well as an educator, community advocate, and workshop facilitator who guides community members, education, nonprofit, government and corporate leaders through the history and impact of structural racism in the United States. Through grassroots organizing, think tanks, and innovative partnerships, Jacky seeks to heighten awareness, shift perspectives, and inspire lasting change in people's thought patterns, attitudes, and behaviors regarding matters of racial equity and justice.  

After working in education for over 30 years, Jacky could not ignore the achievement and opportunity gaps prevalent among students.  Her quest to understand the factors that contribute to these gaps led her to work at the intersection of race, equity, and justice issues.  Jacky is a member of the Board of Trustees of Generation Teach, a member of Executive Board of Speak UP HoCo, an Advisory Board member and Workshop Trainer for Talk with Me of Howard County, Maryland, a past member of the Howard County Local Children’s Board Equity Committee, along with several other organizations working to challenge and change the structures that sustain racial inequities and injustice.

Jacky earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland College Park and her Master of Arts degree in Secondary Mathematics Education from Johns Hopkins University. 

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